Tableau de bord

🍮 EASY and CREAMY Caramel Flan

Total Time: 45 min

Preparation Time: 15 min

Bake: 30 min

Makes: 10 servings


3 spoons sugar

1/4 cup water

5 large eggs

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk

1 can (12 ounces) evaporated milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


In a heavy saucepan, cook sugar and water over medium-low heat until melted and golden, about 15 minutes. Brush down crystals on the side of the pan with additional water as necessary.

Quickly pour into an ungreased 2-qt. round baking or souffle dish, tilting to coat the bottom; let stand for 10 minutes.

In a bowl, beat eggs, 1 at a time, until thoroughly combined. Add remaining ingredients (condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla,...) ; mix well. Pour over caramelized sugar.

Place the dish in a larger baking pan. Pour boiling water into larger pan to a depth of 1 in.

Bake at 350° for 30-50 minutes or until center is just set (mixture will jiggle).

Remove dish from a larger pan to a wire rack; cool for 1 hour. Refrigerate overnight.

To unmold, run a knife around edges and invert onto a large rimmed serving platter.

Cut into wedges or spoon onto dessert plates; spoon sauce over each serving.

Creamy Caramel Flan Tips

What is flan?

Flan (also called crème caramel or caramel custard) is a custard dessert with a layer of caramel sauce. Flan has been a staple of Mexican and Latin American cuisine since Spaniards brought it to Mexico during the Spanish occupation. Bake your way around the world with these other globally-inspired baking recipes.

Can you overcook flan?

Yes, you can overcook flan. Overcooking your flan will result in a rubbery, eggy final product. A reliable way to test flan and baked custards for doneness is to gently thump the side of the pan. If the custard wobbles as one unit (instead of rippling like a stone's been tossed in the pool), it's ready.

How do you store flan?

You can store flan by tightly covering and refrigerating it for up to 4 days. We don't recommend freezing flan.